Publishing My First Book

Welcome to my blog!

I’ll use this space to document my journey as I work towards becoming a published author. Well, publishing is the easy part. Upload, keywords, amazon, click. The harder part will be learning tips and tricks about marketing and advertising, developing my voice as a writer, and maintaining my momentum.

I’ve spent the last few months planning and writing a trilogy called Clone Crisis. I’ve never written anything so long before – the first book is 67000 words! Finishing it was a huge challenge. I have a neat little trait where I start tons of projects but never finish them. Actually getting to the end felt incredible. Editing was less fun, but I couldn’t shake that buzz from actually finishing Book 1. I can’t wait for it to be available, and I hope you like it!  Book 2 is on its way.

Meanwhile, you can download a free copy of Alexis: A Clone Crisis Prequel by clicking here.

Have you ever written a book? Have you ever had a book published? How did it go?

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