After I Hit Publish

I published my first book a few days ago expecting fireworks, bestseller tags, and movie deals. Imagine my surprise to realize that no one was buying the book!

clone crisis 0611

Well, not “no one.” The book has 1 sale and 195 page reads as of this writing.

Meanwhile, let’s look at Alexis: A Clone Crisis Prequel. I originally priced this at $0.99, the lowest price Amazon will go, skipped enrolling in Kindle Unlimited, and used Draft2Digital to make the book available in the other big e-book stores: kobo, nook, and iTunes. It took over a week for Amazon to price match so that the book would be free there, too. Here’s what that book’s stats look like currently.

alexis 0611

The numbers look better than Clone Crisis, but I think that’s because the categories are smaller. There aren’t that many Kindle Short Reads > One hour > Sci Fi & Fantasy. Meanwhile, I made the book available on Instafreebie and entered a few group giveaways. Currently, the book has been downloaded 161 times. It doesn’t mean much – people can stock their Kindles full of free books and never read them. Or they can read a book and not sign up for my mailing list, which is a big part of why the prequel is available for free. So far, Alexis has 4 sales and 16 free downloads on Amazon, bringing the total number of people who have it to 181.

Next Steps:

  • Publish Book 2. I just finished the first draft and hope I can hit publish by July 1.
  • Outline Book 3. The best way to advertise, according to Craig Martelle, is to publish more books. So that’s what I’m going to do!

What about you? How did your first book sell in its first week?


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