What Would June Do?

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Here’s a video that went viral recently of a stray dog who attacks a mugger. The dog doesn’t know either party, but he jumps in to stop the crime nonetheless. (Quick aside: Dogs are awesome

My new series, Guardian of the Present, features a kickass, tough, strong young woman named June. There’s a sneak peek of her in the image above. If she saw a mugging taking place, what would June do?

I like to think of June as a cross between Buffy, Veronica Mars, and Jessica Jones. What would they do?

Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer
Buffy has supernatural powers and a sacred duty to protect the innocent from demons. A mugger isn’t a demon, but a mugger is still a Bad Dude. I’m thinking Buffy would kick the mugger’s butt, return the woman’s purse, and make a few snarky comments to the mugger in the process. No arrest necessary.

Veronica Mars, Amateur Private Investigator
Veronica’s power is her intelligence. She solves crime by tracking clues, interviewing suspects, and arriving at a logical conclusion. A mugging doesn’t need to be solved if Veronica sees it take place, but Veronica would still act. She’d take some stealthy pictures of the criminal to share with her father and the police, trip up the guy – maybe with her taser or her dog, Backup – and return the woman’s purse. She’d take the photos to the police station and argue with the Sheriff.

Jessica Jones, Superhere/Private Investigator
Jessica’s power is her superhuman strength. She understands Bad Dudes, and she isn’t afraid of any of them. She wouldn’t be as interested in a crime as low-level as a mugger, but she still wouldn’t let Bad Dude get away with it. She’d take him down physically using her super strength. It would be similar to Buffy but with less butt kicking and more intimidation. If the guy tried to get away in a car, she might lift up the car by its back bumper until the guy throws the purse out the window. No police needed.

So what would June do? Here’s what I’m thinking.

     From my bike, I watched a woman cross the empty street ahead of me. I turned at the sound of a man running towards her with a dark face hidden under his hoodie. My jaw dropped as he suddenly attacked, pulling the woman’s purse off her shoulder and running off. I pulled my bike to a stop, turned myself around, and sped after him.
     The man looked back for a second, then picked up his pace. Bike beats runner.
     I rifled through my messenger bag, swerving around with one hand on the bike handles. Ridge’s Map? Useless. My J-DAR? No point. The guy isn’t a traveler; he’s a mugger.
     I cursed under my breath. I only had one weapon on me. I’d been working on an invention to stop people in their tracks. I didn’t have a name for it yet, but the basic idea was like a throwing star. As long as I aimed well, it would launch itself onto the traveler, stick onto him, and let out a small pulse ray that would temporarily paralyze him. You know. Just a little. Enough for me to catch up.
     But I had nothing besides my Some Gun, and few options. Stun or Cage of Light. Stunning would require less accuracy, and the Cage of Light was spotty when it came to catching moving targets. Stunning was more brutal, though. It takes a person down hard and leaves a mark.
     I had places to be, and the man slipped around a corner. I swerved behind him, pulled out the Some Gun, flicked it over to Stun, aimed, and pulled the trigger. The man was blasted into the air briefly before falling hard onto the pavement. I raced over to him and grabbed the purse out of his hands. He had that expression I always get, like “Who the hell are you?” but my expression hopefully read, “Don’t steal, idiot.”
   I biked back to the woman and handed her the purse. Then I rode off before she could ask any questions.

Image result for boom goes the dynamite

How about you? How would your favorite sci-fi/fantasy hero handle a mugging?

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